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Have you ever wanted your stories to come as a film or as an animated feature on the big screen? Screenwriting is one of the most competitive but fulfilling careers one can pursue, as a screenwriter has the responsibility of creating compelling stories that make a difference in the lives of people around the world. For aspiring screenwriters based in India who are willing to get into this competitive area, attaining formal education in screenwriting will go a long way.

In this blog, we’ll unravel the details about the screenwriting courses and degrees that you can pursue in India and how you can transform your ideas into a perfect screenplay that would attract the producers and directors.

Understanding screenwriting 

Before going through the educational alternatives, it becomes pertinent to have a good knowledge of what screenwriting is all about. A screenplay is a script or script which is a scripted out line that forms the basis of a cinema or television movie. It gives the story’s plot, the characters, their conversations, and even the looks and feel that the story’s readers or viewers get from the happenings in the story. In this case, screenwriters are some of the most talented and creative people around since they have to write scripts for films that create a powerful story that can be told visually, along with having adequate knowledge on the use of artistic images and subjects, coming up with well-developed characters as well as having to develop a logical flow to the story. They also have to combine dissertation writing to format their work generally in conformity with standard conventions of screen industries; they live in the complex world of pitching, rewriting and facing the directors and producers.

Screenwriting Courses and Diplomas in India

  • Diploma Programs: Postgraduate screenwriting diploma courses can take anything from one year to two years, and provide the student with an overview of the field. These courses cover all the topics related to screenwriting, including generating a story idea and writing characters, dialogues, screenplay, and following industry guidelines. Many reputable institutions across India offer diploma programs, such as:Many reputable institutions across India offer diploma programs, such as:
  • Whistling Woods International (Mumbai)
  • Asian Academy of Media And Communication(New Delhi)
  • Kishinchand Chellaram College (Mumbai)
  • Annapurna International School of Film and Media Student Reviews – Hyderabad
  • Certificate Courses: There are cases the candidates want to achieve more specialised knowledge, so specific certificate courses in screenwriting may also be beneficial. Such programs often take several weeks to some few months and have a focused training plan according to particular aspects of screenwriting. Notable institutions offering certificate courses include:Notable institutions offering certificate courses include:
  • FTII or Film and Television Institute of India based in Pune, India
  • Screenwriters Association (Mumbai)
  • Bangalore Film Academy (Bangalore)
  • Mindscreen Film Institute (Chennai)
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees: Some of the recognized universities and colleges in India that have degrees in Screenplay Writing or in closely related fields are at the undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and postgraduate (Master’s) levels. Such programs offer a wide range of information on the corresponding aspects of the film creating process and such disciplines as scriptwriting, directing, production, film criticism, etc. Some renowned institutions offering such degrees are:Some renowned institutions offering such degrees are:
  •  Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (Kolkata)
  • Jadavpur University (Kolkata)
  • Symbiosis Center for Media & Communication (SCMC – Pune)
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies School (Mumbai)

How to become a screenwriter?

Here are some steps saying that how to become a screenwriter:

  1. Be experienced: Be familiar with all the basics of screenwriting You have to take classes, read books on screenplay writing and read few and produced scripts in order to get a clear perception of things such as formatting of scripts, structure and characters, dialogue etc. 

2.write often: Decide how often you will be writing and stick to it; the more you write the more you are likely to improve. Wash up by coming up with screenplays, short movies, television episodes, and so on as you enhance your talents. 

  1. Solicit opinions: You can belong to a screenwriters forum, look for a screenwriting instructor, or seek opinions from friends on their TV screen council. This will benefit you in the process of learning or making progress in any area of your life. 
  2. Write a collection of pilot episodes: It is always wise to gather your best episodes together and present them in a portfolio when searching for producers or agents. 
  3. Network: Go to screenwriting events, conferences, or workshops in order to mingle with other screenwriters, producers, directors and agents among others because they are crucial. 
  4. Seek representation: Sometimes, hiring an agent or manager can ensure that major studios/production companies consider your scripts for a read. 
  5. Compete in screenplays contests: Getting good results in such contests ,may help you get connected to those who can help you. 
  6. Seek employment as a script reader or the writer’s assistant to acquaint themselves with how the industry runs. 
  7. Be persistent Breaking in takes tremendous perseverance Tear down Establishing a foundation is slow work. Do not be disheartened when your ideas are not accepted as the plan has a number of rejection stages. Successful screenwriters persevere. 
  8. Continue studying and developing Stay active in the field of film, so that there could be an opportunity to remain up-to-date. Never let go of your skills in screenwriting especially if you are aiming for the big screen. 

The way to screenwriting stardom isn’t a smooth ride but follow your passion and you are assured of a place at the coveted screens.

Factors to Consider While Making a Decision 

To decide on the best course in screenwriting or the best university program in screenwriting, the following considerations should be made to guide the decision making process Curriculum Another important consideration when selecting a screenwriting course or program is the curriculum of the university or school of the program to study Most schools or universities offering screenwriting programs offer their programs in different departments and faculties such as film, theatre arts, TV and journalism etc Faculty Furthermore, verify if the program is accredited and well-received in the market by checking various reviews, articles, and bloggers’ diaries to find out if it correlates with your career plan and personal preferences.


Remember that screenwriting is a never-ending endeavour including the final decision which path of the preparation is more suitable for you. Hence, it is crucial to note that successful screenwriters continue to refine their talent long after they are through with education by studying other scripts, watching films, attending writers’ workshops, and interacting with other screenwriters and people in the entertainment industry.

                Screen writing is a task that is not easy in any way but is a fulfilling career to have in India. Hence, through proper education and continuing personal education, one is poised to possess the capacities that will turn those imaginations into enshining stories that reach the hearts of the global audience.

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